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On the 17th February 2010, KOGAS Canada Ltd. was created as a wholly-owned subsidiary of KOGAS, the national
natural gas company based near Seoul, South Korea. KCL offices were subsequently established in Calgary.

On 27th February 2010, KOGAS Canada Ltd. (KCL) signed a Farmout and Joint-Venture Agreement with encana for
gas plays at Kiwigana and West Cutbank in northeastern British Columbia.

KOGAS Canada Ltd. signed an Asset Sale and Business Co-operation Agreement with MGM Energy on 15th February 2011,
for the purchase of a 20% share of Umiak, Significant Discovery
Licence #131, in the Mackenzie Delta, north of Inuvik.

Penn West Energy Trust (PWE) and Cordova Gas Resources (CGR) hold conventional natural gas assets (50:50) in Cordova,

northeastern British Columbia. In August 2011, KCL acquired a 10% equity in Cordova Gas Resources.

(Last updated, February 2012)